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Noted: New Logo and Identity for StubHub


(Est. 2000) “StubHub is an online marketplace owned by eBay, that provides services for buyers and sellers of tickets for sports, concerts, museum and other live party events. It has grown from a largest secondary-market sheet marketplace in a United States into a world’s largest sheet marketplace by a substantial margin. While a association does not now divulge a financials, it is pronounced to routine one sports or party sheet each second and in 2015 had over 16 million singular visitors and scarcely 10 million live events per month.” (Wikipedia)

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Campaign: Goodby Silverstein Partners
Logo: Not specified

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The final chronicle of StubHub was a unequivocally good, mature expansion of a strange design. At a time of a final post we hadn’t posted any applications though we can now see those here. It was resolutely colored and easily typeset. It’s startling that, usually a year later, StubHub would broach a new trademark — a new trademark hasn’t even had time to reinstate a aged trademark in a Google Image search — generally with one that doesn’t urge in any approach whatsoever a aged one. It’s a parallel pierce for change’s sake. The new typography is fine, relations to things like yesterday’s Eventbrite, though it’s still subpar; a holding figure is conjunction improved nor worse though during slightest a aged one had clearly dull corners and this one is roughly a parsimonious dilemma though not quite; a usually major, poignant change is dropping a exclamation point, that we can see as a approach of sappy a code itself, as if it doesn’t need to scream anymore to get attention. The applications are arrange of engaging with a debate burble operative as a striking device to support or un-frame opposite events though a executions demeanour really rushed. The use of Interstate as a categorical rise creates no clarity — because not use a same typeface that was used for a logo? Interstate has no propinquity to what’s going on with a trademark nor is it significantly opposite to act as a element or contrast. The one good refurbish is a tagline, “Your Ticket Out”; it’s brief and really effective in communicating both what a association does and a code guarantee it aims to broach on.

New Logo and Identity for StubHub
Logo detail.
New Logo and Identity for StubHub
Ad. I’m guessing those skinny white lines are someone’s Acrobat-exporting skills in full display.
New Logo and Identity for StubHub

New Logo and Identity for StubHub

New Logo and Identity for StubHub

New Logo and Identity for StubHub

New Logo and Identity for StubHub
Facebook banners.
TV spot.

Thanks to Jake Barlow for a tip.

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